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No one plans a life of yo yo dieting, but many people suffer from it year after year. The problem is that Yo yo dieting is a dangerous habit to get into. Yet most people who struggle to lose weight live this problem. Their weight comes off when they work on it. The weight returns whenever they quit their diet and go back to eating like they were before.

If you think about it, for most diets yo yo dieting is inevitable. You originally put on extra weight for a reason – a bad diet. You then decide to rectify the problem. So, for a small period of your life you concentrate on a starvation diet, or eating the ‘right’ foods. Some time later the diet stops because you reach your target or you lose interest. You then return to your old eating habits and the weight piles back on again.

The Yo Yo Dieting Cycle Begins

The chances are that if your weight builds above a healthy level it is because you are eating the wrong food. Your body is well designed to deal with excesses of natural food. So you decide to begin a starvation diet or some kind. Chances are you are likely to be still feeding your body the wrong food. A lot of food designed to be low calorie or low fat is highly processed. Many low fat foods are filled with sugar or a processed alternative to enhance the taste.

Most diets rely on starving the body of something it needs. This can be calories, fat, carbohydrates, etc. This triggers the body into ‘Starvation’ mode. It then uses your body reserves to fill in this dietary gap. This is likely to be fat reserves, but some of this will be muscle. This means when the diet stops you can have less muscle than when you started, lessening your ability to burn calories. The yo yo dieting cycle then begins again as you put weight back on.

Triggering starvation mode is not something you want to do on a repeated basis. One of the problems of these type of diet happens when you stop. When you come out of starvation mode your body wants to ‘protect’ you from the next time it happens. This can result in the body storing more resources than it had before the diet began. So you not only yo yo in weight, but you end up heavier than you were before.

At Fit, Energised & Healthy, we discourage any type of starvation diet. We believe in feeding your body the right nutrients for it to function the way nature intended. It is a much healthier way of maintaining or achieving an optimal body weight.

Helping Your Body

The body is a miraculous creation. It repairs, heals and cures and regulates all sorts of chemical levels within itself. Fed the correct fuel (food and drink), it will function as designed. Unfortunately the typical modern Western diet does not meet those needs. The fuel is contaminated and the body struggles to cope.

The design of human beings is for a plant based diet with a small amount of protein (meat or vegetable). Nature packs fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and berries with vitamins, fibre and phyto-nutrients. We need these to feed, cleanse and repair our bodies. Instead we substitute these with man made alternatives. Alternatives that are high in toxins, sugar and fat and low in nutrition.

People don’t want to live a life where certain foods are off limits. This can induce feelings of guilt. So they diet for as long as they can stand it, until they come to their breaking point, and fall off the wagon.

You might have different triggers that result in failure of your weight loss mission. For instance, something stressful happens and you find yourself devouring comfort food.

Result? – Not only do you gain the weight back (and then some), but you pile on this mountain of disappointment. The feelings of failure that you have to now deal with because you’ve gone off track.

Is it no wonder so many people struggle with weight problems and immune based illnesses?

So we recommend people do not ‘diet’, not in the traditional sense anyhow. We are totally against eating plans that are designed to be yo yo diets. Sadly many companies rely on this effect to keep your custom. You pay money each week or month and may be successful with weight loss. Once you stop, the weight piles back on. So where do you go to lose it again – back to the place you lost it. Quite a nice business model don’t you think?

Many of these companies produce their own brand of food, snacks and treats. If these are based on processed foods, it gives you some idea of where that companies priorities lie.

A major problem is when you put the weight back on, it won’t be in the form of muscle and fat – it will be pure fat.

At Fit, Energised & Healthy we believe people need to return to a more natural diet. We believe this with a passion.

Identifying the Problem

It is sad in this modern age that this goal can be difficult to achieve. It is difficult because modern food production is full of ‘corner cutting’ methods. These methods reduce the nutrient value of the ‘natural’ goods we buy in the supermarket. Worse still is the introduction of toxins into them through pesticides and fertilisers. These are toxins our bodies can handle to a certain extent, but certainly not in the quantity many of us consume them.

So let’s summarise the problems we have identified:

  1. Our modern diet is full of man made toxins.
  2. Our modern diet is full of sugar, unnatural fats and low nutrient additives.
  3. Modern farming methods add further toxins to the food chain.
  4. Modern farming methods results in produce that has sub-standard nutrient values.

Finding a Solution

So how do we counter this and feed our bodies in the correct way?

Losing weight isn’t hard. It’s a simple formula of fueling your body with the right foods and not overindulging. It also involves allowing your physical movement to burn up the fuel it’s fed.

Trendy running shoes
Exercise can help maintain a healthy body weight

Isn’t it time you shed the weight and kept it off for the rest of your life?

What would it be like to never have to struggle and put yourself on a regimented diet again?

At Fit, Energised & Healthy we recommend you develop a more natural diet to break that yo yo dieting cycle. We help you every step of the way through our plans, recipes, mentorship and support group. We also offer a range of healthy lifestyle packages to help you get your eating habits on track.

We are passionate about using Juice Plus to help supplement this lifestyle. Juice Plus contains the essence of up to 30 fruits, vegetables and berries. This helps supplement your daily nutritional intake from a natural source. This helps maintain a balance of nutrients in your system.

Juice Plus is bioavailable. This means it gets in your bloodstream in a natural way unlike most vitamin supplements. It also has over 30 medical and scientific studies to prove it works. These studies have been undertaken by some of the worlds top hospitals and universities.

We believe that a healthy diet and Juice Plus can have a noticeable impact on your life and that of your family. We believe that because we have experienced that impact ourselves. You can read our personal testimonials here and here.

So if you want to move away from yo yo dieting and embrace healthy living, you can see our packages here.

If you want to ask any further questions, you can do so on our contact page.

We look forward to helping you on your healthy journey and breaking that yo yo dieting curse . . .

Sonya & Terry Jenkins
​Fit, Energised & Healthy



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