Starting a New Year’s Weight Loss Plan for Success

New Year Weight Loss

Everyone looks forward to the New Year. It’s a time to let go of the past, forget what was and start fresh. Without fail, scores of people take part in the tradition of making a New Year’s resolution. The goals written down on those lists vary, but so many of us plump for a New Year weight loss goal.

There’s something about a fresh start that energises people and makes them want to try or try again. Besides, there is that bit of extra weight many of us gain over the holiday period from over indulging.

Happy New Year

Who To Tell About Your New Year Weight Loss Plan

Telling people that you’ve made a resolution to lose weight can actually backfire. When you tell people that you want to lose weight, there will be someone that will sabotage your plans.

They may not even mean to do it. Everyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows a co-worker who insists you ‘just have a bite’ of dessert. Or the ones who invite you out to the restaurant that serves the food that’s your greatest weakness.

We have all been there!

Another reason for keeping quiet about losing weight is you can end up with bad advice. You can even get discouraging advice. Everyone seems to have their own tips on weight loss!

Do not despair though, there are many ways to succeed.

Don’t make the focus of your weight loss be a diet. Don’t mention it or act like it’s a big deal. You could share the challenge with a partner or colleague and lose weight together. This works if you become accountable to each other and are able to encourage one another.

One way is to focus on the lifestyle change – not focus on a diet. This helps establish habits that include healthier eating and getting fit. A good health and fitness regime can develop into a lifetime goal. ‘Diets’ by their nature tend to be temporary targets and many people put the weight back on eventually.

The significance of setting a ‘life’ goal compared to a temporary goal can be enormous. The difference in mindset can make a positive difference.

You don’t want to obsess over losing weight and you don’t want the change to be all about the weight. You want it be a decision that you’re determined to get healthy and remain healthy throughout your life.

You want to look for a safe and effective health style and fitness program. Stay away from anything radical or that’s a fad, because that will only end up discouraging you. You want to find ways every single week to keep up your motivation.

Health changes like this can have many positive benefits. To maximise the chance of success try to put yourself somewhere you get support. For instance, all our healthy eating plans come with a mentor and a Facebook support group. Here you can ask questions and see what others are doing. This can be key as you are part of a community who are going through the same process as yourself. They are feeling the same pains, joys and challenges you are!

If you choose to develop a healthy lifestyle, make sure you have your family on board. The best option is if they join you on your journey. Failing that, sit them down and explain what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Perhaps they can share some of the healthy dishes you prepare.

Health Goals

You can sabotage your good intentions by setting goals that are too optimistic. Goals that take too long to achieve can also be detrimental.

By setting small goals that you can reach in a short time will give you encouragement. Keep those long-term goals in the back of you mind, but you need quick ‘wins’ to keep motivated. For example, rather than looking at the entire amount of weight you want to lose, focus only on the first week. Later you can set monthly targets.

Fresh Salad
Make your New Year weight loss healthy

Remember you are trying to reach a health target, not a weight target. Nature knows your ideal size and shape. Make sure you measure yourself to gauge inch loss as this is a better guide. People can see you have lost weight through inch loss. Remember muscle weighs more than fat if you are toning up, so a desired body size or image is a better goal.

Staying On Track

You’ll reach your goal faster if you reward yourself. A little treat (new clothes, CD, etc) can be a great incentive to keep on plan.

Read articles about healthy weight loss. This will enable you to understand why you are not ‘just dieting’. Try out new healthier eating recipes to keep your motivation from waning. Posting pictures of your healthy meals on social media will create a buzz with your friends. There is nothing more encouraging than someone asking for one of your recipes!

When you write down your goals for yourself, don’t make them open-ended. You need to be specific. Write down what you’re going to do to make those goals a reality. If you say, ‘I’m going to start an exercise routine’, write down what you’re going to do to make that happen.

Create a journal, or use a diary, to plan your meals and fitness regime for a few days ahead. Buy a book on exercise, get a good pair of running shoes or, if you feel you will use it, get a gym membership. Remember to budget for what you spend – there is nothing like a costly plan to discourage you.

Plan ahead for the situations that will happen that can be tempting. Remember, the odd ‘cheat’ meal or evening can be positive. It helps you to not feel restrained by your lifestyle. Return to healthy eating straight afterwards. This way your body will recover from your over-indulgence within a day or so.

Plan for events, such as office parties, birthdays and life celebrations in advance.  This way you can manage any ‘damage’ incurred in a way you feel in control of.

Remember most restaurants have healthier choices. They should be willing to change dishes to meet your needs. Swapping fries for extra salad is easy to do and you will feel empowered once you do it!


In conclusion, New Year weight loss can be a challenge, but you will find it easier to find a partner to lose weight with. Making sure you plan correctly will be a great benefit in achieving what you set out to do.

Finally make it more of a lifestyle change than a diet for increased success. Remember we offer a range of packages to help you to achieve and maintain your healthy eating regime.


  1. Great points Terry. There are definitely many obstacles when it comes to reaching our weight loss goals, but if we find the right support and make the goals realistic, then these obstacles can be overcome. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. Hi Terry,
    Yep – I decided this was the year to lose weight – got a wedding coming up in May!
    Not really got going yet – because I “like” the way my life is now! so changing my eating habits is going to be a big change.
    I’ll have to set those goals – write them in my journal – and work out some rewards – does a glass of wine count? lol


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