Plan Your Health Success, Don’t Drift Into Failure

if you want to achieve health success in your weight loss, medical condition, nutrition or fitness, having the right mindset is key.

Here we discuss how to plan for success in your health project to minimise the risk of failure.

Why Plan for Health Success?

We have learned so much about nutrition and health over the last 2/3 years.

Some of it empowering, some of it downright scary.

We have seen people succeed big time and we have seen people fail in the goals they have set for themselves.

Some people never even set goals, they just expect things to happen for them. Others commit but stop as soon as things become hard.

There are many reasons for this, but the main reason we believe is because of mindset.


If you don’t enter into a change in your health regime without the right mindset you will fail.

No matter what it is you are trying to achieve.

There are so many techniques you can use to ensure this doesn’t happen and we want to share a few of them with you today.

Success in anything in life is down to balance.

To put it in simple terms, the desire you have to succeed must be greater than the ease of giving up.

So how do you create this desire, this mindset of determination?

Here are some of the techniques we suggest:

  1. Have a powerful why
  2. Set clear goals
  3. Use visualisation
  4. Use affirmations
  5. Get an accountability partner
  6. Plan to succeed, not to fail

It is important that you view this journey as a project.

Whether it be weight loss or a healthy diet, a new fitness regime or a need to cut out sugar from your diet.

There are many other techniques you can use, but the list above is a good start for any project. Many are prevalent in the business world, but you can apply them to any aspect of your life.

We want to apply them to your health project, so let’s look at each of these a little closer:

Have a Powerful Why

Your ‘Why’ is the reason you are doing what you are doing.

Here are some examples:

‘I want to lose 4 stone because I am borderline diabetic’

‘I want to quit smoking as I set a bad example for my children’

‘I want to start exercising so I feel less lethargic’

‘I want to cut out bread as I hate feeling bloated every day’

Can you see the pattern?

The important thing is your ‘Why’ must be as powerful as you can make it.

Having a strong reason for doing something will improve your chances of success and it is important you keep your ‘Why’ at the forefront of your mind.

Set Clear Goals

Goal-setting is a proven technique for achieving what you desire in life.

Unfortunately, few people set goals and even less make them clear and concise.

When you set a goal, you should use the following rules:

1. You must write it down

2. You must write it as you have already achieved it

3. You must have a specific, measurable goal

4. You must have a set date it is achieved by

Here is an example of what many would set as a goal:

‘I am going to give up smoking’

Here is an example of a correct goal:

‘I have been a non-smoker for 6 months on 31st May 2016’

Can you see the difference? There is a clear statement of intent here.

By stating your goal as a fact it enters your sub-conscious and your mind gets to work on achieving it.

Use Visualisation

Visualisation is a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal.

To be able to visualise what you want your outcome to be will increase the likelihood of it happening.

In the same way that goal-setting enters your sub-conscious, visualisation works the same way.

The technique is to use both your ‘Why’ and your goal and visualise how you look and how you feel when you achieve it.

Imagine you want to lose 12 lbs to look good on the beach (goal) so you can attract a new partner in your life (why).

First you need to close your eyes and picture yourself in the bikini.

How do you look, how do you feel, what benefits do you love from achieving your target?

Next you need to visualise your why.

People 016

What does your new partner look like?

What does it feel like to be with them. Feel their arms around you.

What are they saying to you to make you feel special?

This technique gets better with use, so do it daily.

Use affirmations

Affirmations are another technique that work on your sub-conscious.

We all receive affirmations on a daily basis.

An example would be whenever anyone comments on us or something about us.

There are postive affirmations:

‘You look nice today’

‘You look like you’ve lost weight’

‘You are the funniest person I know’

Or negative affirmations:

‘You will never amount to anything’

‘You will never stick to that diet’

The important thing is whether we believe the person saying the affirmation. Things said to us by our parents or teachers can have a lifelong impact on our sub-conscious.

But, we can change ourselves by using positive affirmations.

Stand in front of the mirror and say each of these out loud 5 or 6 times each (you can alter them to suit your needs):

‘I like myself’

‘I am successful’

‘I am a size 12’

‘I eat a healthy diet’

‘ I am a non-smoker’

Do this every day, twice a day if you can, and you sub-conscious will soon start to act on these. You will sub-consciously begin to believe what you keep affirming.

If you want to be rich, then give this one a try:

‘I am a millionaire’

Get an accountability partner

An accountability partner is someone you meet or talk to on the phone on a regular basis. Specifically you would set a regular time each week and discuss your progress.

Having someone you are accountable to will increase your chance of health success.

Better still if they are on a similar journey as they can be accountable to you.

If you fail your task you are letting them down as well as yourself.

Plus, that weekly meeting, where you have to confess your failings or share your successes, will spur you on each day.

Plan to succeed, not to fail

Chances are you have tried to change your life for the better before and failed. To achieve health success can be frustrating.

Before trying again, you need to analyse why you failed before. Then put something in place to minimise the risk this time.

Let’s say you are attempting to lose 20 lbs in weight.

Last time, you failed because you got hungry mid-afternoon and ate unhealthy snacks.

This time, plan ahead and make some healthy snacks available each day.

Make a shopping list that eliminates your weaknesses and replaces them with healthy alternatives.

If you fail one day, resolve to remove the failing and replace with something workable.

Good planning can be key to success if you are making a lifestyle change.


Here we have touched on a few simple things you can do to achieve health success.

By incorporating these in you lifestyle change you will increase your chance of health success.

Try to do them all at the start, then adapt them to your needs.

If you start with a great plan of action then you will succeed.

We believe in you

Terry & Sonya Jenkins
Fit, Energised & Healthy



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