Weight Loss Came Easy, The Side Benefits Astounded Us!

Weight loss, one of the burdens of modern society . . .

Hi,we are Terry and Sonya Jenkins and we just wanted to share a little bit of our story over the last couple of years . .

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The Weight Loss Journey Begins

Like so many others, we needed to lose a few pounds (ring any bells with anyone), so 2 years ago we tried another new diet plan that we had discovered on Facebook.

Now weight loss had never come easy to either of us and Sonya had tried every weight loss plan under the sun it seemed, but this was different:

  • We saw results
  • Our health improved
  • We felt more alive

Okay, okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Anyhow, the upshot was we started to take an interest in our own health, nutrition and wellbeing.

It became the start of an amazing journey that became a voyage of discovery of so many important things.

Yes, we had amazing results . . .

Then at other times, it seems that life just got in the way . . .

You will relate to that I would think.

This interest did result in us forming Fit, Energised & Healthy and developing a keen desire to help other people.

Over the last 2 years we have had a challenging time in our personal lives and this has put pressures on what we wanted to achieve.

Having come through that difficult period we are now ready to move on and try to help others take the steps we did.

How Good is Your Life?

So last week, we had a reassessment of the journey so far, what we had learned – the triumphs and the failures.

The upshot was a new determination to be crusaders in helping people understand the things we do now.

You see along the way we learned much more than how to effectively achieve weight loss, and keep it off.

We learnt about how our modern lifestyle and diet impacts on our lives.

We discovered we want to inspire people to take charge of their own health and nutrition.


Because that is the way forward.

The reason being that it is just plain wrong to rely on other people to take responsibility for personal health.

If nothing else, no medical professional will have the same vested interest in your health as you do.

No matter how caring they are.

Or they shouldn’t. If they do, then you need to look at your own self worth now.


I know it’s a cliche, but you only have one short life.

It’s a cliche, but it is also a fact.

Good health comes from within. It comes from wanting to be healthier because you are living a worthwhile life – one you want to keep on living.

If you struggle with life, then it is time to change. Time to fix your sights on a new goal.

There are many, many people who struggle day after day with life. But there are things you can do to improve your self worth.

Things like goal-setting, affirmations, self-improvement, fitness classes, social events, meditation, spiritual pursuits, etc.

I know that many people do suffer with deep mental illness problems and they need medical help. Yet many of us could improve our lot by taking responsibility for our own wellbeing.

Did you know that poor diet contributes to the likelihood of mental health issues?

So we want to encourage you, and support you, in taking charge of your own life.

Why Take Charge of Your Health?

Let’s start by sharing some of our successes since taking an interest in our own health.

Here is a list of benefits we have seen over the past 2 years:

  • No colds or flu and better general health
  • Healthier skin
  • Faster growing and healthier hair
  • Faster growing nails
  • Less painful joints
  • More energy
  • A better sense of awareness
  • Higher concentration levels
  • A more positive attitude to life
  • More smiling, less frowning
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Significant improvements in existing medical conditions
  • Reduced bloating

Plus many other benefits.

Weight Loss 002


Now who would like to see these benefits in their life?

I know, you would be crazy not to.

Our experience with like minded people is that these benefits are pretty universal.

Which means you can have them if you do what we did.

I don’t mean exactly, but you are welcome to try if you wish.

I mean from learning something new about health and nutrition and applying it in your life.

Bit by bit, not a wholesale change, unless you want to of course.

You see by making one change a week for 2 years you will change your health.

You will gain knowledge that will empower you to improve yours and your families lives.

The Modern Diet Stinks

Let’s face it, the modern diet stinks. As humans, we have made all these technological advances, yet are killing ourselves with our diet.

The majority of health professionals deal with sickness, not with health.

We spend the vast majority of money on treating sick people and not on educating to prevent illness.

We have growth in modern diseases such as cancer, heart problems, strokes and diabetes.

Primarily due to diet and lifestyle. Things that we can personally change in our favour.

Our modern diet is horrendous. If we fed our pets as bad as we fed our kids there would be an outcry from animal activists.

So why do we do it?

There is a strong belief that we are entering an age where our children will die before us because of poor diet.

Do you want to bury your children? Go to their funeral?

I thought not,  but the evidence is pretty compelling.

We have a diet that is high in sugar, fat and toxins and low in nutrition.

More and more children are going on weight loss plans and that is crazy.

The scary part is that it is all driven by consumerism. Big companies put profits in front of customer care.

They load food with sugar because it is addictive and we will want more.

They target us with adverts that are misleading at best, damn lies more likely.

The facts are all out there if you wish to find them.

They are not even hidden.

There is no need, because the majority do not care enough to even seek the truth.

This my friend is something we want to change.

Want to Join the Crusade?

We want to help you educate yourself. For you and your children’s sakes.

Over the coming weeks we want to enlighten and challenge you.

Are you with us?

Do you need a successful wight loss plan?

Do you want to know more?

We are no medical experts, but we have a passion to help people help themselves.

If you have got this far and feel the same way we do, then welcome aboard.

This ship is going to make some waves.

Terry & Sonya Jenkins
Fit, Energised & Healthy



  1. A really great looking site. I would be interested to learn more about where your juice products originate from. Maybe you could add an exercise program to your healthy eating.
    Ian Clarke recently posted…Welcome!My Profile

    • Hi Ian, thank you for your kind words. We are currently having great success with a mash-up of ideas that have worked for us in the past. Keep an eye on the site over the next few days and all will be revealed. Terry

  2. Great article!! It really hit home. I struggled with my life and one thing I hated was my weight and I did start to change that. I started to take charge of my life and made sure it wasn’t taking charge of me. I lost weight by doing simple changes in my diet and eating habits and it went a long way.
    Tasleem Khan recently posted…All Roads Lead to . .My Profile

    • Hi Tasleem. Thank you for your comments. I will be revealing what we are doing presently over the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for information to help you.


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