Juice Plus+ Packages

At Fit, Energised & Healthy we love to support our customers when they purchase Juice Plus packages from ourselves.

We believe in offering a range of different packages to meet the needs (and the pockets) of every one of our customers.

Many of our packages also come with a full range of after-sales care and we are constantly offering bonus material to support your purchase.

Detailed below is a description of each package, what products are included and the range of support services we offer for each one.

We want to ensure you get the best Juice Plus package for your needs, so if you have any doubts at all, please feel free to message us by using our CONTACT PAGE

Our Juice Plus Packages

Here is a comprehensive list of Juice Plus packages available through Fit, Energised & Healthy and the products in each one.

In addition, you can also purchase any of the products on an individual basis.

You can get more detail on the individual Juice Plus products by clicking the links below:

Juice Plus Capsules Range
Juice Plus Complete Range
Juice Plus Chewables Range

The Diamond Package

Juice Plus Premium Capsules
Juice Plus Premium Capsules

Our Ultimate Package
This package is designed to give you the maximum benefit from our Juice Plus products. It includes our flagship Premium Capsules, Complete shakes and either the Bars or the Soups from the Juice Plus Complete range.

Also included is our Fit, Energised & Healthy support package, which includes personal mentoring, recipe plans, and access to a Facebook support group of your choice.

Additional benefits will be added in the future, and we will grant you access to them as they become available.

Juice Plus Complete Shakes
Juice Plus Complete Shakes

Your body will be flooded with the goodness from 30 different fruit, vegetables and berries every day.

You can start each day with a healthy, whole meal shake and have the flexibility of a healthy Complete Bar on the go for lunch or our Complete Soup option.

Each Package Consists of
2 bottles of Juice PLUS+ selected vegetables
2 bottles of Juice PLUS+ selected fruits
2 bottles of Juice PLUS+ selected berries
1 bottle contains 120 capsules.

Juice Plus Complete Bars
Juice Plus Complete Bars

6 Pouches of Complete Shakes
Either 60 Complete Bars or 60 Complete Vegetable Soups.
Mentorship from Fit, Energised & Healthy
Facebook Support Group
Healthy Living Plan
Healthy Eating Recipes

Delivery frequency
Every 4 months

This package will be delivered every 4 months and you have the choice of paying 1 payment upfront, or by 4 monthly payments.

1 Upfront Payment = £486.25

1 Payment Upfront of £125.50, followed by 3 monthly payments of £125.50 (a total of £502.00)

To place your order, or for non-UK enquiries, please use our Juice Plus Product Enquiry Form.


Please note that this page is still under development. More packages will be added shortly.