Sonya’s Juice Plus+ Journey

I need to tell you why I got into Juice Plus+, so if you have a few minutes to spare, I would love to tell you my story.

The Background

I was born in 19 . . .

Ha ha, I’m not going to go that far back, so you can sit down and relax.

After I got married in 2012, I don’t know if it was being comfortable with life, a change in circumstances, or what, but I slowly started to gain the odd pound here and there.

I had damaged my lower back in my late teens, when I was a nurse working in a spinal unit (yeah, crazy I know) and my injury had started to flare up again, leaving me much less mobile than before.

Me before my Juice Plus Journey began.
Me before my Juice Plus Journey began.

Eventually by the end of the summer in 2013 I decided enough was enough and I needed to lose some weight. I was now heavier than I had ever been and my blood pressure was starting to show the effects of it.

Up until this point I had been another serial diet victim and trying virtually every other diet plan going, including dodgy pills off the internet (silly – don’t try it!!). Some of these diets had resulted in weight loss, but I always seemed to put the weight back on and in many cases, a little extra.

So my life had become a merry-go-round of new diet plans, varied weight loss results, reverting back to my normal diet and the inevitable weight increase back to where I started.

Umphh! I had certainly had enough by this stage, plus I hadn’t even contemplated any weight loss plans for over 12 months, not since before my wedding.

Juice Plus+ – The Journey Begins

When I first came across Juice Plus+ it was from a post someone had put up on Facebook. I honestly thought it was just going to be another fad diet, so for 3 days I researched and I researched and I researched the product on the internet and then decided, why not.

Now there were some negative comments dotted around, mostly it seemed by people who hadn’t tried it, but the vast majority of the stuff I read seemed to be positive. Plus Juice Plus+ was far cheaper than those other ‘fad’ diets I had tried and as I could also eat real food too, I decided to take the plunge.

juice-plus-tower-gardenI think the deciding factor was Juice Plus+ was made out of natural products and I couldn’t tell you why then, but that seemed to me to be a good thing.

So while I waited for the products to land on the doorstep I began a detox to begin flushing some of the toxins out of my system.

It was a struggle to start with, but 7 days into the detox I had a 10 pound weight loss and already felt great. Plus my Juice Plus+ shakes
had arrived.

Having completed the recommended 10 day detox, I started on the Juice Plus+ Complete shakes. I loved the taste and I would vary the taste some days by adding fresh or frozen fruit to them.

Juice Plus+ Complete Shakes
Juice Plus+ Complete Shakes

I also loved the way the weight continued to fall off. This was the first of the changes I felt compared to any other diet I had tried.

It also didn’t feel like a normal weight loss diet, because I rarely felt hungry, but if I did I could top up with a healthy snack or some fruit or veggies.

My husband ran a village shop, where I helped out and it wasn’t long before people noticed the inches disappearing.

They also began to notice that my skin was looking healthier, plus my hair was growing faster. People even commented on the fact I was still on Facebook at midnight after being used to seeing me go to bed at 10pm.

8 weeks in and I had lost almost 2 stone and had so much energy. It felt so good when people started commenting on how healthy (and slim) I looked.

Me looking healthier and slimmer.
Me looking healthier and slimmer.

It was about this time I spent a weekend back where I used to live in the North East (before I got hitched).

This was where the biggest revelation happened, because my friends there, although they knew I had lost weight, hadn’t seen me for about 3 months. The compliments I got were incredibly uplifting (you will know what I mean if you are female) and I got asked over and over what I was doing as I looked so healthy.

That was my ‘lightbulb’ moment when I realised there was going to be something a bit more long-term to Juice Plus+ than any of those other diets, which were now long in my past. I wanted to feel like this permanently.

Juice Plus+ Premium Capsules
Juice Plus+ Premium Capsules

I decided to try the Juice Plus+ Premium Capsules. These have 27 varieties of fruit, veg and berries, which are juiced, then transformed into powder form and put into little capsules.

The nutrients from these flooded my body everyday and at the same time I ordered the Children’s Chewables for my son as they were free when I signed up for a year to the Juice Plus+ Child Health Study.

Over the days, my health was improving and so was my sons school work. According to his teachers, he was more alert and concentrating much more.

After a few weeks of him being on the chewies I noticed his mood swings were becoming less erratic (he was much calmer – yippee) and he began to eat healthier too and to my astonishment, he actually started drinking water instead of horrid juices that had so much artificial stuff in.

My husband Terry became interested in what was going on and decided to invest in his health too and went on the capsules and without even trying he lost 10lbs in 3 weeks. His psoriasis started to clear up and his knees which had bothered him for years after playing football stopped giving him grief and he is now pain free.

You can read his testimony here: Terry’s Juice Plus+ Journey

When I reflect now, it is amazing how other medical issues of both my husband and myself started to fade away.

My New Business

I became so passionate about the products and the fact I wanted to share my successes with other people, that I decided to join the Juice Plus+ business.

It was the start of another amazing journey. One of discovery about health and nutrition and how amazing our bodies are when we feed it the right food and the nutrients it needs.

Terry decided to join the business too and we began to build a team.

After my weight loss with Para-olympian Gold medal cyclist Mark Colbourne
After my weight loss with Para-olympian Gold medal cyclist Mark Colbourne

By September I had hit the 3 stone mark in my weight loss journey after just 4 months. I was so proud of my achievement and felt incredible too.

I again went back to the North East and my friends couldn’t believe the difference in me as they all knew that I had tried every diet under the sun. They wanted what I had and this was how I started to build my business and grab my first clients..

The most amazing part is that 12 months down the line I had managed to keep the weight off, something I have never managed before with any ‘weight-loss’ program. Plus my diet had changed dramatically to one far more healthy overall.

The Future

Our future lies in helping others to achieve the benefits we have by taking control of our lives and using Juice Plus+ every single day.

Terry and Myself being recognised on stage in front of 6,000 people at the Juice Plus+ conference in Phoenix, Arizona - April 2014
Terry and Myself being recognised on stage in front of 6,000 people at the Juice Plus+ conference in Phoenix, Arizona – April 2014

I have had clients call it a miracle product, but it is much simpler than that. Juice Plus+ is just healthy, natural goodness, from fruit and vegetables, condensed into capsule form. The miracle is what our body does with that goodness and believe me, I have seen some incredible transformations and heard some tear-jerking testimonials from people of all walks of life.

These days, we both work when we want, where we want and with whom we want. No one to answer to except each other haha (and the taxman – boo, hiss!!) and no one to tell us we cant have that week off for our holidays because Doris has already booked it.

Me and some of the Juice Plus+ Team in Barcelona, October 2014.
Me and some of the Juice Plus+ Team in Barcelona, October 2014.


We managed to get there through sheer hard work, a lot of trial and error and plenty of research into health and nutrition. We would like to think we can share that new knowledge with other people who want to take responsibility for their health also.

Our hope is to continue doing this by inspiring and helping others. If you want to be a part of that journey, then why not like our Facebook page and join our mailing list?

We would love to have you as part of our growing community and help you and your family develop an interest in ‘self health’!

Sonya Jenkins
Fit, Energised & Healthy

P.S. You can view our Juice Plus+ products using this link: Our Product Plans




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