Terry’s Juice Plus+ Journey

I am a self-confessed Juice Plus+ junkie!

Hi, my name is Terry and in conjunction with my beautiful wife Sonya, we run Fit, Energised & Healthy.

The one product we wholeheartedly recommend is Juice PLUS+ and I wanted to tell you why we recommend it above all other nutrition products.

My Juice Plus+ Story:

I started taking Juice Plus+ in capsule form in September 2013 and I have taken it without fail every single day since. The reason I am so passionate about it is because of what it has done for me and the way it has changed my life.

I discovered Juice Plus+ because my wife Sonya had started to use the Complete shakes as part of a healthy eating plan, mainly because she wanted some weight loss. She saw such great benefits and easy weight loss, that she decided to become a representative for the company.

To evaluate the benefits of Juice Plus I decided I would take the Premium Capsules to see if I could see some of the effects Sonya was discovering.

After about a week to 10 days of taking the capsules, I started to see really beneficial increases in my energy levels. The amount of active time in my day increased by about 2 hours and my levels of concentration seemed to improve with it. I had my own business running a village store at this time and these are fantastic benefits if you are self-employed!

meFor the last 20 years I had suffered pain in my knee joints. I put this down to ‘wear and tear’ from sports activities in my younger days. Although I had sought some medical advice the problem wasn’t serious enough for me to pursue it, although the pain was always there, even if the severity fluctuated. After 3 weeks on Juice Plus+ this pain disappeared and has not returned since.

How odd I thought.

I later discovered that Juice Plus was scientifically proven to reduce body inflammation by over 40%, so I believe this is what had alleviated my knee problem.

Over the coming months, other ‘minor-miraculous’ things started to happen. My sleeping patterns improved, my skin improved, my hair looked and felt better, my gums stopped bleeding during brushing and numerous other things that I now take for granted.

The most surprising benefit ( or coincidence, you decide) was after 3 months. You see, I suffer with sleep apnoea (stopping breathing in your sleep, causing your brain to ‘wake-up’ to consciously start you breathing again, resulting in low quality sleep) and had my annual check-up to monitor my condition. This is mandatory, or you can get your driving licence revoked!!

On checking the results from my breathing apparatus (which keep my airways open), the nurse said I had had a 35% reduction in incidents of my condition during my sleep over the previous 2 or 3 months. She was at a loss to explain this, but I knew why. It coincided with when I started taking the Juice Plus+ Capsules.

Finally, one of the best results has happened more slowly, but after 47 years, I am now virtually clear of psoriasis. This skin complaint had dogged me for years and if you have suffered from it or know someone who does, it can be very embarrassing and confidence destroying, especially in your formative years.

Again Juice Plus is scientifically proven to improve skin hydration and I believe this, with better nutrition in my system has helped with the clear up of my psoriasis.

Now I no longer feel self-conscious when wearing a tee shirt or (I never thought I’d ever say this) shorts! As a child, keeping your skin covered so you weren’t teased can be a real confidence crusher. It was the main reason why I never learnt to swim until I was in my very late twenties!

My Faith in Juice Plus+

So there is my experience of using Juice Plus+ and I know several people who have even more powerful testimonies than my own.Juice Plus+ Products

This is why we promote Juice Plus+ and yes we make money from it, it is a small part of our livelihood, but many people sell so many things and can you truly believe when you buy something from a retailer they can genuinely say these things:

1) I use the product everyday myself.
2) I swear by the product.
3) I would never stop taking the product, even if I didn’t sell it.
4) I truly believe it is the best nutrition product on the planet. There is no other way to consistently get this level of nutrition into your body at any price, anywhere!
5) The whole of my family use this product.
6) I would recommend this product wholeheartedly even if I didn’t retail it.
7) I do this genuinely because I know it makes a significant difference in so many people’s lives who I introduce it to.
8) I have been able to significantly change some people’s lives by introducing them to Juice Plus+

I hope that gives you food for thought. I would love to hear your comments on my experience and to discover if you agree why we are so passionate about Juice Plus+

Terry Jenkins
Fit, Energised & Healthy






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